Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bazar Ramadhan @ Kelana Jaya

I promised a friend to buka puasa together, and today we promised to meet each other in Kelana Jaya.. I'm gonna tour around the Bazar Ramadhan Kelana Jaya first, as this is one of the most famous place for berbuka food..The place is located behind the police flat in front of the old Giant of Kelana Jaya. The whole stretch if filled with the stalls, selling endless food selection.. guess it's even larger than the last year.. and the crowds..
my god! so crowded that I can't even made my stop at some of the stalls..
Lots of food selections to choose.. from Sup Tulang Rendang choices.. Popiah..Roti John.. and selection of lauk2 to choose..but I will not buy all of those today.. instead I just bought some kuih2 for berbuka.. and I got myself murtabak and sweet kuih for berbuka.. made my way out the soonest possible as I can't stand the crowded space any longer.. Go check out the place for good food there.. You won't regret it..

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