Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend @ Midvalley

This is quite a light and easy weekend for me.. got no plans for berbuka anywhere.. and spent quality time sleeping and lepak2 at home.. woke up rather late today at 1pm.. and really enjoying my moments at home being lazy and do nothing.. the thing I seldom can do usually.. Got nowhere to go this weekend.. and need to kill some time before berbuka.. or else I will go crazy.. so I took Blackie out and drove all the way to Midvalley Megamall.. the road was clear all the way to Midvally.. until I reached the point of entry to Midvalley.. and that was when the misery started...Sooooo many people were around the mall itself.. and they were all there because of one single reason.. raya preps! This is already the 20th day of fasting.. and it means we still have 10 more days of fasting days to go before the muslims celebrate Raya or Eid Mubarak by 1st October.. 10 more days to go man..It was so unusual to see people spending like nuts for raya preparation.. and unlike the unstable economics and stuff, I could still see people spending like nobody's business, may be because of the sale all over the place, or may be because this will be the last week in KL before almost all of the KL people go back 'Balik Kampung' next week.. god knows why.. The clothes are the most popular items to buy especially for the kiddos, as having the new clothes for raya is essential to them to celebrate their Raya merrier.. and the parents were busy trying and testing the clothes to their children.. so many happy and funny moments I can see from the shopping madness in Midvalley..I personally like the decorations they have at the centre court of the mall.. and being the biggest mall in Malaysia, Midvalley is known for having creative decor and interiors for festival theme.. and the this time the kampung theme seems to be quite interesting to see.. Many people with many poses were occupying the stage to take photos with the kampung background.. as if they don't have their kampung to pose when they go back for raya soon... heheheh! Enjoying the moments and observing people's behaviours with the background, I managed to get a few candid moments of them enjoying their Kodak moments.. nice eh?Break fasting today was a simple one, just a Mushroom Cheese and Grilled Onion Beef Burger from Burger King.. and had my berbuka puasa in the cinema over the movie 'The Halloween'.. I'll put another entry for the movie..
It's good to run away from the norms once in a while, as berbuka doesn't necessary need to be in front of the table having so many dishes to eat till drop.. what's more important is for us to complete the fasting for the day, break the fast and have a good time.. Now that's the whole day spent unwisely today.. heheheh! but I'm happy!

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