Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fish Fillet : McDonald's vs. Wendy's

I love Fish Fillet.. I always have a crush for Fish Fillet Burger since forever.. and everywhere except Burger King, I will always take Fish Fillet Burger.. why not Burger King? Because my darling Mushroom Cheese Burger will be jealous if I choose Fillet over her in Burger King.. hehehehehe.. me and food.. go figure!So, during my stop at Sunway Pyramid for gym, I had to get myself Fish Fillet from McD, which has always been my long time fav, but as soon as I got out of McD, Wendy's staff are waving at me with the gregarious smile, which gave me the idea of trying out Wendy's Fish Fillet burger too.. hrrrmmmm... I wanna make a comparison between those 2 burgers.. which one is better.. heheheh!Check out the packaging, McD won this, but Wendy's burger looks yummy from the outside.. but how about the taste? The results: I still like McD's burger because of its simplicity plus the price is still cheaper.. No doubt Wendy's burger is so full and creamy, with the nice bun put up together.. but for me, I still favor McD.. call me traditional, but the simplicity is what McD is closer to my heart.. heheh! Wendy's.. change your Chili Sauce.. the current one that you have sucks.. tak sedappp!

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