Monday, September 8, 2008

Bazar Ramadhan @ Seberang Jaya, Penang

I was in Seberang Jaya at my aunt’s house, which is so near to the Ramadhan Bazaar, so instead of sleeping lazily in the house, I decided to make myself more effective to walk around the Bazaar Ramadhan...
Somehow I always love being in Bazaar Ramadhan in Penang... the places here sell food that can be regarded as a special meal during Ramadhan time only... and what more with the taste.. You can't simply go wrong with it.. Almost all the food sold here were delicious.. Unlike in KL, one really needs to choose the recommended stalls to buy food, or else you can get crappy food.. heheheh! enough mumbling.. straight to the bazaar..
The smoky entrance.. some still setting up the stall..The murtabak.. looks so yummy! Ayam Percik hot from the grill still.. and also the ikan bakar ready to sell.. looks yummy too.. and the stall selling lauk2 for berbuka.. huge one, eh?Lines of sate ready to be grilled.. and varieties of Kuih2 to choose from.. The famous soup stall, which attracted so many people..with big ass pots.. business must be good eh? more kuih..New this year, hot sausage and hotdog stall.. which still attracts many people..The famous Mee Rebus Sg Dua.. and Mee Rebus Kuah Ketam also famous to the customers here.. All dishes were so yummy I almost drooled while walking.. heheheh!
I didn't buy anything as I got another invitation by my cousins for berbuka puasa in Bukit Mertajam.. and they asked me to buy anything anymore, just drinks.. so drinks it is! Straight to BM after this!

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