Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home Made Cooking

I was asked by my friends to cook Nasi Lemak for them for the last time before I go back for raya.. They've already asked me about this since the early days of puasa, but since my days were busy back then, I postponed it to the last week of puasa.. and as promised, I cooked Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong and Fried Chicken.. the simple one indeed.. added with Laksa Sarawak, from the ready made gravy that I brought from Kuching.. Started cooking at 6pm.. and I figure I only need about 1 hours to finish both dishes, right on time for berbukas.. heheheh! and I delivered.. Those were the dishes just now.. which finished in a split second.. heheheeh! They all keep eating one plate by another.. and I'm so happy to see that.. And the Laksa Sarawak that I tried, also successfully done.. wonderful.. They are satisfied with my cooking.. and although my cooking skills are somehow rotten already, I believe that I still have it.. hahahahah! So happy and relieved to see all the food are completely finished at last..

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