Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stuck In Penang

It was raining non stop here in Penang.. I arrived here early this morning to attend one of my uncle's 'kenduri arwah' for my late grandpa.. I hafta go to Penang first to send a friend there, then only drove back to Bagan Serai for the kenduri..Since it was still too early and the rain got heavier second by second, I decided to drive around Butterworth area to check out what's new and all.. It seems that 2 new malls were opened to public just recently, so I decided to take a look and got myself something from there.. Got myself 2 office shirts, and a t-shirt for my dad..It was still raining heavily, and I suspected the place will be flooding any time soon.. and it did.. later that nite..


Mits said...

The clouds are looking horror in the first photograph. The place would be very cold according to the photo gallery in the blog.


NIKO75 said...

yeah it was.. you can see the clouds with thunderstorms in it.. it was taken from the bridge.. and yeah.. it was cold from the raining effect.. godddd... i love rain!