Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bazar Ramadhan @ Sungei Besi

The Bazaar Ramadan or PARAM (stands for Pasar Ramadan - as suggested by Mr. Beruang Madu, hahah!)in Sg Besi has been a must place for me to visit every year.. not only because it is quite near to my house, but also because of the food varieties that they sell here..This year, I guess the varieties if kuih and meals sold here are even more interesting, with many dishes to choose from, and many people still favors this place to spend their money for food, despite of the current economic status nowadays. Let's check out what's cooking here..
The grilled chicken, puasa style..the grilled fish.. looks boring! and the east-coast delicacies.. an d the famous roti jala.. cooked fresh from the pan.. The wide varieties of nuggets and hotdogsand kuih2 to choose from..
and I bought this kuih.. soooo sedappp Checkout the multiple colors of the drinks in the plastic.. so colorful.. notice Air Kathira.. a famous drinks amongst the Johorean.. I swear we talked about this drinks in the office.. and it appears suddenly at the Bazaar.. how bizarre..and undoubtedly the most famous dish almost every people will buy.. the Murtabak.. looks deliciouso here!Varieties of kuih also at the stall.. I bought one of this Lompat Tikam.. it's been a while since I last tasted the kuih.. and the triangle kuih called Samosa.. so South African sound eh? heheh!The varieties of Jelly.. funny looks of the jelly eh? and Kurma (dates) for berbuka as well.. Some just opened up the stalls.. while others already get the stalls up and ready for their customers.. when I looked back at those food and the freedom of choices that the Muslims in Malaysia have to buy for berbuka dishes, I'm so thankful to stay in Malaysia, to live in peace and harmony, and to fulfill my responsibilities to fast during Ramadan at ease and peace.. I'm thankful to you god for the gifts..

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