Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Free Bubur Lambuk

Bubur Lambuk, or the porridge cooked with herbs & coconut milk is very popular among the people during the Ramadhan month.. everywhere we can see people either sell it at Bazar Ramadhan, or get it from any mosques that cook the dish during the fasting time.. I happened to be in Sungei Besi today when I can see loads of people queuing for the Bubur Lambuk at the mosque... It's free, and that is why it invites so many people to the place.. I wanted to queue too at first to get a bag of the Bubur Lambuk.. but since the crowd was so overwhelming.. and I'm not that big a fan of it, I passed.. Better give it to people who really needs it and enjoys the dishes.. Selamat Berbuka..

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