Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Long Weekend and Aquarium Shop

I've been out of town, up and running for 2 weeks in the row during the weekend.. so the idea of not going anywhere this weekend really gave me a bump in my head.. The day seemed to be so long and boring, and bright shiny sky really made me not in the mood to go out anywhere during the day.. until late in the evening it was that I was so bored at home, I decided to drove out for a while while waiting for tonite's Reunion Buka Puasa event at Rahsia Restaurant.. and the place to go was none other than the aquarium shop.. Anyway, the place is situated at Kuchai Lama/ Klang Lama area, the terrace house that has been transformed into the aquarium shop.. many huge blue basins of the same shapes occupying the entrance.. and the shop itself has rows and rows of aquariums with many choices of fishes to select from.. This time around I'm eyeing on the Oscar Fish that's quite expensive.. and it so happened that the shop has varieties of Oscar fishes of many kinds.. and many others swimming peacefully in the aquarium..I swore to myself not to get any more fishes as I have so many already in the house.. what more with raya coming up and all, it's not good to have many fishes as we are all leaving the house for raya for quite some time.. but looking at the Oscars offered at the price so cheap, at RM11 per pair, i simply cannot resist but to get a pair.. Now the Parror Fish got their match.. the garang and garang fishes in the aquarium, making it an interesting combination to watch in my aquarium.
Need to go to Bazar Ramadhan Sungai Besi after this to buy the berbuka meals..

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