Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Cousin's Wedding

It was my cousin's engagement ceremony that took place some time ago and I blogged about it here. Well, it's the wedding last weekend, and as I lost my cable.. I had to hold the entry.. until now! heheh! So, being close in one big family, all my uncles and aunties, and the cousins came down to KL to attend the wedding.. and my hotel house would be the target to stay.. heheh! Great to have people around the house sometimes.. hehe!Anyway, the wedding took place at the bride's house.. lots of canopies built, bunga telur gifts all ready to be given to the guests.. and two main point of dishes served at every end.. awaiting for people to self served..Anyway, everything was done by the caterer, from the food served, to the management of plates and glasses, which means what we hafta do were just greeting people and walking here and there to ensure the guests were satisfied with the food and stuff.. This was when the near and far, known and unknown, familiar and stranger relatives gathered, meaning that we hafta mingle around and stuff.. It didn't seem like a heavy task, but end of the day, we were all so tired from standing and walking and greeting and mingling around with guests.. Meeting those relatives, I can expect the same ol questions may come as greeting.. Standard questions like, bila nak kawin? dah ada gf? why kawin so late? are you being so choosy? and all those stuff appeared, and those were the compulsory questions that I got at the events like this. Well, to ask for courtesy is ok, but when it comes with all the advices for the sake of talking, and some very sarcastic remarks, you know you will get some word of advice from me also laaa.. heheheh! Being in a Malay community, people are so busy body about almost everything, about not not following norms, about how late marriage being a taboo in Malay culture, about dissatisfaction of me feeling good about my ownself and stuff.. and as much as possible they tried to stir things up.. and when all turned sour, this is when one felt so satisfied and smile to the ears.. Damn those idiots! heheheh..OK.. I'm mumbling again.. back to the wedding! everything went fine, and I'm truly happy for the bride and the groom.. and wishing them Selamat Pengantin Baru!


Dahlia said...

huhu...being single ppl tough right..nik, kalo org tanya2 lagi, ko juz cakap la..nk kawin on 31st Feb..see whether they notice on the aku nyer std answer la biler ppl ask me...else kalo dh x tahan aku soh je org yg tanya tu carik kan...then diorg immediately senyap..relax bro jodoh tu akan dtg.take care.

NIKO75 said...

hahahha.. good idea!
nanti i apply.. malas dah nak layan benda2 mcm ni..kannnn?