Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home Cooked Food..

Mak and Abah are in town and they managed to spend some quality time for a few days at my house.. and with Mak around in the house, this could guarantee me some wonderful home cooked dishes for at least a few days.. hehe! Being single and so used to the outside food for years really makes me wanna puke already.. and having Mak to cook simple yet delicious food really makes me appreciate it very much..She always planned for something to cook.. from morning today that she cooked Pulut Kuning with Sambal Ikan Tongkol for breakfast.. and later cooked Fried Rice for dinner.. It all made my day with a complete home cooking series.. and well, it seems that all my diets and my gym routines are down to the wastebasket when my mom is here.. heheheh! Some people may question what's the big deal with it? Oh well dear, it's a big deal for me as it's hard to get those home cooked food when ur single and away, and dining out every nite.. so I'm not gonna waste those all.. for those who don't understand and choose no to appreciate it.. too bad! heheheh...

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