Saturday, March 14, 2009

Makan2 @ Gerai Soup near Uniten

It was my friend who kept asking me to try the so-claimed best soup the ever had she tried.. and she has been dragging me to go there for about a week.. and at last we managed to go to the place on Saturday.. still at her constant queries.. hehe!The stall is located at the end of the Training Centers row for bank, after the traffic light, next to a very small, almost non-existence Police Station of Kampong what-ever the name is.. hehe! It's a very seasoned small stall that sells the soup.. and the one that we were supposed to go was closed, so we decided to go the stall next door.. which still offers varieties of soups.. So we ordered, Sup Kambing for her, Sup Tulang for the daughter, Sup Ayam for me and Mee Sup for another friend.. lots of soup ehhh! but very nice and simple one.. hehehe! but I must give credit to the Nasi Lemak which is so marvelous.. All in all, quite a nice food compared to the almost collapsed stall.. The food is nice, the nenek, probably the owner of the stall is soooo entertaining, with her cute little smile and funny remarks made.. almost made me wanna pinch her cheek and give her a big hug.. hahahahah! Need to try the food at the closed one another day.. Hopefully my friend will still be consistent in reminding me about how good the soup is.. and I know she will alert me oh so soon as she'll be reading this blog by the end of the next week.. heheh!

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