Thursday, March 5, 2009


It seems like yesterday that I first wrote in my blog..
Days passed by, and this blog is now about a year and a half already.. Entries by entries were written based on my experiences, sharing my own thoughts and observation.. My feelings and my opinions were personally put in line with the entries I've been composing.. And throughout the year also, instead of being invisible to anonymous readers, I've decided to make it known to people who knows me personally.. And this has made quite an impression to some people.. Some liked it and gave me supports to my blog, and some just waiting for me to make some mistakes for them to laugh at.. Heehaw!
But what's more disturbing and puzzled me lately, I've been criticized on what I wrote and my style of writing.. And some even goes micro to even pinpointing at wrong spelling and stuff.. which shocked me to the core! It's either they love me so much to read my blog word by word, or just waiting for the right moment to criticize me. I don't know..
I heard about some blogger who received criticisms on what they have in their blog by the readers, but never in my thought will it happen to me.. heheh! But well, like a friend said, we can never satisfy everyone.. thus just follow my gut feelings and keep writing on my favor and interest. To some extend, I know for the fact that this is my space to put any entries of my preference and a place to say things out, to have my own compilations of my thoughts, experiences and all.. and I don't care what people say about me!
Criticize me all you want, bark at others about me all you like, but my blog is here to stay.. and to those who're not in favor of what I wrote, just make a quiet exit from this blog.. and never to come back again here please..
Thank you and have a good day!


emm emm said...

bro, u write becos u wanna write. not becos u wanna satisfy somebody else. so what with the wrong spelling or grammar? don't let them get to you. it's not like u can't edit it, right?

NIKO75 said...

tu la dia... as long as i'm happy kann.. i dont give a d**n pun apa org nak kata.. heheh..