Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Quiet Sunday & Education Fair @ Midvalley

Nothing much to do on Sunday, so i decided to give Blackie a full wash.. It's been a while since I last sent her for a wash, and decided to do so at Shell station in Sri Petaling.. and happy to look at my shiny Blackie after wash.. hehe!
Rushed to the gym after that, and as I was walking to the gym, I saw so many people getting in the Exhibition Hall, and soon realised that there's an Education Fair held there.. so made a fast entry to check out the participants.. true enough to my thoughts that most of the participants were the colleges and twinning prgrammes colleges that participated.. and most of the courses offered were mostly for diplomas and degree programmes.. tries to look around whether there are Masters programme offered, but sadly almost none.. and the fact that there are lots of unknown colleges added to the frustration, MMU wasn't even there, what more to expect for the overseas universities' presence.. But one thing for sure, a few of the booths were very outstanding.. and made a total impression on the college itself.. cool! sudah2 la tuuuuu merayap... Back to the gym, Mr. Invisible! heheh..

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