Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Weird Looking Gaharu Fish

My friend just got back from the fishing trip over the weekend, and brought back with him a huge Gaharu Fish with unidentified fish plus some leftover shrimps. I was quite shocked to see the huge fish, but according to him, that was just a small one and the biggest one caught was about double the size of that fish.. Whoooooo!He actually went to this fishing place on a kelong in Bagan Lalang near Sepang.. and those require some serious sea fishing equipments and deep hobby in fishing.. which I don't think I can stand.. hehehe! but still, I wanna go there and try it out fishing someday.. Hurrrmmmm...! The big fish, lying in my kitchen.. what shall I do with it? Probably Fish Curry would be nice for this kind of fish eh? Hehe!

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