Friday, March 13, 2009

Bahasa Budaya Bangsa? or Future Survival?

As I walked thru the building next to Pusrawi Hospital, I came across this not so big banner, commenting about the changing back Maths & Science's syllabus to Malay based syllabus.. which made me laugh at first.. but irritates me later when I thought of the intentions ..
I think this stupid idea of ding-donging the subjects back to English, and later to Malay has been exploited and politicized way to the core.. and the Malays are really good at doing stupid things like this.. whoever the idiots behind it, I really have no idea.. To me, having those subjects in English is more like a preparation in advancing them to have an additional skill.. no matter how difficult it may be at first, it will work out soon when everything is established.. and when some morons wanted to change it back to Malay, i feel so sad.. looking at how bad the whole subject matter is being exploited.. So what's wrong with having those 2 core subjects in English? Both the teachers and the students may benefit from them.. Malay teachers who are largely only Malay speaking can enhance thier skills, thus good for their resume, and the students can build their foundation for understanding at the early stage.. and prepare them to be ready with it right from the beginning..and I don't even think those will jeopardize their Malay Language at all..
I'm sorry.. I don't mean to look down at Bahasa, but I think at some point, English is still internationally recognized no matter how much we push for Bahasa, and the job market nowadays will look for those with English skill when entering the job market.. even the Malay based government sector now started to realize about it when dealing with the business entities locally and internationally.. We can learn all about Bahasa in Bahasa classes, but leave them alone with those English classes for Maths and Science.. The government hails out loud about globalization, knowledge sharing, open market for foreign investors, and whatever shit about it, but yet, moving backwards at preparing the younger generations towards that.. how sad! I too spent my primary and secondary years, learning the subjects not even in a proper Malay language, instead, with local dialect, like 'dua campoq dua sama apa? awat la hangpa ni tak paham2 lagi' or 'buak eksperimeng daung dengan ulak'.. to name a few! and I must say that my English is very2 bad at that time.. but when I was interviewed for my scholarship application right after SPM, the interview was conducted in English! hahahah.. way clever for an education system who doesn't even prepare the students with English preparation towards the university level.. and expect the students can talk based on a limited one hour English session daily.. and when I was accepted to ITM with 100% English based classes.. imagine the struggle that I had.. 'awesome' huhh!
I really don't know what to say.. sooooooooo sad.. I know that 'Bahasa Budaya Bangsa', but what's a bangsa without proper strength in many aspects? What's so great about budaya when the bangsa can't compete in the international arena? What's the purpose of preparing the students with only one bahasa that can only be used locally but not strong enough to compete in the international arena? and in what sense English Language can destroy the jatidiri Bahasa Melayu? Bangsa sendiri yang rugi kannn.. Sedihhhhhh!!!!
Come on.. Please laaa! to those who really want this to change.. open your heart and narrow minded mind.. imagine the struggle and survival of the future generation.. don't let them suffer on the stupid move that only brings benefits to a few parties.. Sedihhhhhh!!!!

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