Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back To Creator - Mak Teh

I just got a call from my aunt last nite, telling me that my other aunt, Mak Teh was admitted to the hospital in Klang, and the condition is quite critical.. and as I was still on the way, my aunt called me again to inform that Mak Teh has left us all.. back to the creator in peace.. That's quite a shock for some of the family as we just met her a week ago at my cousin's wedding and she's still doing fine.. and suddenly the shocking news.. so sad!She was known as one of the nicest aunt in the family.. and lovable by all.. simply a caring person by nature, which touches the hearts of many.. Used to be a teacher, her charismatic voice yet very pleasant to hear shows, added with a mild Perak slang, really pleasant to the ears.. She was also known as one of the greatest cook in our big family, cooking was her forte together with my mom whenever we had family events and gatherings, especially during Raya. It was such a shocking news, and we were all so sad for her lost.. I almost shed my tears when hearing the 'talkin' being read by the grave.. the sentences really touched me at core, what more with all the sudden thoughts rushed into my mind, thinking how ready and at what state is my relationship with God currently.. made me really sad! I do pray for her to rest in peace, be a chosen one by God, and always within his blessings and love all the time! Such a sad day for us all.. and my condolences to Pak Teh and family..