Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Crazy Jam and Flash Flood in KL

It was yesterday evening that it rained heavily for god knows how long.. and since Tun Razak road was pretty much at the standstill, I decided not to get out of the office until 9pm. It took me an hour to get home using my so called secret roads in between buildings of Bukit Bintang and KL-Putrajaya Highway, and my thoughts about the jam would just be another wet day where people drove slow and hit the road rather late to go home. I really have no clue on what happened in KL city, well, not until today that i knew about the flash flood that hit KL resulted from the heavy downpour yesterday.. Checkout the link . It's all crazy, cars drowned, roads closed and lots of damages here and there from the flash flood.. I bet lots of us will ask about the functions of SMART Tunnel and whether or not it functions effectively.. and there will be series of justifications on what and what-not functions of SMART Tunnel, and measures to overcome the flood plan within KL will be drafted again soon.. Well, it's more to cure than prevention, and the approach will always be as such until I don't know when.. Alas, I do hope that this could be solved effectively without getting into trouble with the angry citizens of KL.
(Photos Courtesy of The Star and The Sun)


sHuHaDa said...

it is too bad...

NIKO75 said...

yeap.. very bad indeed..
kesian la sapa yg letak keta kat pwtc tu.. total lost la ..