Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blackie's Blown Light Bulb

Blackie's light bulb was both blown out.. and that kept me to use the high beam when driving at nite.. the truth is I have no time to go to the workshop to change the bulb.. and only got some time today after the clinic visit to get the bulb replaced.. Thank god it's not that expensive.. the tauke asked the bangla worker quickly replace it.. and that alerts me on how efficient they are in doing their job.. which I don't get at the nearby Malay workshop nearby.. and yeayyy.. Blackie got her eyes bright again... Rushed to the Sg Besi Market to get some wet groceries like fish and chicken.. and got back straight away as I can't tahan my pain knee.. need to get the medication and have some rest..


emm emm said...

no gym for a week? And here i was supposed to get a routine all done by you! hahaha.. that's a sign.. means i should not start gym until next month, eh? well, go and enjoy the sauna and steam bath, hope that will help you heal quicker. get well soon ok.

NIKO75 said...

hahaha.. the moment you register yourself to the gym, i will ensure your routine completed by then.. heheh!