Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Crowded Gym

I stopped by the gym after work, only to find out the gym that used to be a peaceful hideaway seemed to be so packed and crowded lately.. puzzled and start questioning around, I later found out that this happened because of the closedown of the gym in B.Bintang because they are shifting to a new gym in Lot10. So, those people in BB seemed to attack the gym in Midvalley rather than the far one in Sunway.. hehe!
Things got worse in the changing room.. everybody's struggling over the locker.. the steam room is full of people, the sauna room is not working, and the bath area seemed to be occupied all the time..
I'm still having this fever on and off, so I'm not gonna struggle to get the machines with the crowd, instead just spend some time in the steam bath.. to keep me sweating, and hopefully can help cure my fever a bit. Still not comfortable with so many people around that even in the steam bath the seats were fully occupied and even some people were standing inside.. Rimas!
Hopefully the new gym in Lot10 will be opened soon.. so all these people will go back to their own habitat.. and not bothering us, the Midvalley clan so we can workout in peace and harmony.. hahahahahah!

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