Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Stressful Day and Seremban Visit

Still very tired from the wedding yesterday, my granny asked me to go to Seremban to visit her brother who undergo an operation yesterday. So I went to pick up my parents as early as 9am.. Then was told that my dad had a chest pain, this time a serious one! We took almost an hour to ensure him back to normal, and asked him to rest at home since he's still not well..
At first he agreed to stay home.. but after a while, the drama started.. he suddenly got moody and bad temper, and wouldn't wanna talk to her because we're going.. At this moment, I was worried to see him acting like a child, sulky and moody.. and he got her to get his t-shirt that was in the car.. and refused to wear anything else.. and got us to wait till 2pm as he wanted to take a nap first from the pain, and later followed us to Seremban. Such a drama, and it didn't stop there.. it was 3pm, and my granny who'd been waiting since morning got pissed off, and mumbled her heart out to picking her up so late, and why the sick one would still wanna join.. and I'm the one who hafta hear all of that.. Things got sour along the way.. and the moment we reached Seremban hospital, which was about 5pm, they didn’t make any arrangement, and the patient has left the hospital.. so we hafta call the cousin and asked around.. and getting lost in a small town of Seremban added pressure to the sour situation.. Being the first timer in Seremban, getting into the unknown place and went thru the town like a total stranger was really a hassle.. and with guidance from the a very helpful pakcik at Petronas station, we all finally reached the destination.. at almost 6pm..
Finally met with my granduncle who went thru the operation and a few stranger relatives I haven't met before.. and what made me happy was that all sour turned happiness.. and me being soooo exhausted from the whole drama and the driving stuff.. went back at almost 8pm and sent them all back.. i made it home at almost 10.30pm.. tired, exhausted and so sleepy, I called my cousins informing them that I can't join them for makan2 galore at Tanjung Harapan.. too bad! but I'm happy to finally get myself a pillow.. what a relief!

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