Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Manual Punch Card.. Still Exist??

Had another meeting a fellow client today.. and what interests me is that they still use punch card machine instead of the access card or biometric that has been practised widely in the companies and government bodies nowadays. It has been ages since the punch card time, and people has moved towards the technology era these days.. Why it's still relevant? Probably because of the latest technology's issues of implementation cost.. which made the client feels that the ancient punch card system is still useful for current company practice.. Cost saving issue that caused the usage of the system.. interesting!
I too didn't have the opportunity to use the punch card since I first started working way back in the 90s.. instead straight away used access card on my first job, heheh! but looking at how it is still widely used now even by the big companies brought me to the conclusion that punch card is still relevant in the current technology world.
Well, the questions of until when will it survive and when will it be obsolete from this world.. still unknown! When there is still demand, there will always be supply.. and looking at the strong existence of it, I believe it won't be obsolete in a long2 time! It's just a matter of time.. and one can never determine when..
And suddenly came an evil thought of mine.. what if I took some of the cards there and happily punch it like nobody's business...hahahahah! What will ever happen? Sure havoc punya kannn... hahahahhahaha! (tanduk keluarr)

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