Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's Cooking, Bro?

Budget is a bit tight this month.. so I decided to cook at home rather than dining out.. apart from the facts that outside food bores me already!
So I checked out what's in the fridge and found out that there's still some leftover of the spring chicken in the freezer.. so me being creative, I've decided to cook Tomato Rice for dinner.. complete with the ready made biryani gravy for the chicken and the acar (cucumber pickles)... and for the Tomato Rice, I used olive oil instead of the ghee and margarine, and a bit of condensed milk and with lime, walaaaa.. jadiiiii! just be creative with what I have in the kitchen, and a complete meal is created.. yeeehaaaa! Jemput makan tuan2..
I should be a chef now.. hahahahahhaah!


Dahlia said...

bro..sedap tu..biler nk invite mkn2 ni..hehe

NIKO75 said...

Dahlia, nampak je sedap, tapi cuma sedpa untuk tekak sendiri je makan.. hahahah! invite makan2? One fine day!heheh