Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Find Your Perfect Match?

Lately, I had too many things in my mind, and got distracted a lot, especially after attended a few marriages and a funeral, really made me questioned myself about finding my perfect match.. how will I find one? Who will the person be? Why haven't I found one yet? Stuff like that.. It so happened that I got an email from someone on steps and tips of finding a perfect match.. which is quite generic.. does it help? Well.. let's see..Steps:
> Be aware of the things you constantly do, and try to find someone who does a lot of the same things as you. -> Hurmmm.. I thought opposite attracts?
> Think about what you want in a woman. -> Someone who can accept me the way I am..
> Make a list of what you want in a woman. Write down their personality traits, looks, and other important details. -> I lost the list already.. so lazy to come out with another one.. aiyooo!
> Look at your list at least once a day, if not more. -> No list, how to look? hehehe!
> Make mistakes, because mistakes make you learn who you really are. -> I made lots of mistakes everyday.. it's just about learning from the mistakes or not!
> Don't be afraid to show how you feel. Personality will attract the one who is perfect for you. -> I'm so expressive of who I am.. but everyone else run away when they know me.. hahahah!
> Be flirtatious and look your best, because if you feel pretty you usually look it too. -> Flirtatious? whooooooooooooooo....
> Get out there and start dating. Don't worry if you don't find 'the one' at first. -> Dated tons of em, but still cannot find 'the one'..Tips:
> Make sure you're never being fake. If you hate cats, and a really hot girl likes them, don't say that you do too, because then you will never find the perfect one. -> I'm too expressive, people run away lorrrrr...
> Always say what's on your mind, even if it is completely random. They might just be attracted to a weirdo. -> Again, I'm too expressive, people run away lorrrrr...
> If you are uncomfortable, don't go on a date. If this is a bad time, like if someone just died, don't go anywhere. You'll only be depressed on your date. -> Didn't quite realize about it.. good one..
> Dress with clothing you would normally wear. Be yourself. -> I am myself, and people find me so selekeh lorrr.. and ask me to change my dressing, which is not myself.. Conflicting, isn't it? so how?
A few of my single friends even got into online match, matchfinding service, and some even paid for the service, only to get some corny dates with weirdos, or find themselves getting trapped on a date with psycho and stuff.. which is confirmed as not effective..
Suddenly, question after question arised.. Am I too choosy? Will I ever be alone? Will I ever find my perfect match? Why is it too complicated? Or is it all God's plan for me? Probably someday, some weirdos will come along and find me as their prince charming.. or shrek maybe? I'll wait for that moment to arrive.. heheheheh!


mak lang said...

Salam. Jangan bersedih. Insya Allah jodoh akan datang tanpa di duga. Semua manusia dijadikan Allah berpasang-pasangan. Sampai masanya datang la ia. Sebenarnya Allah tidak memberi apa yang kita minta, tetapi Allah memberi apa yang kita perlukan. Jika difikirkan, mungkin awak dah dapat segalanya tetapi awak tidak terlalu memerlukan seorang pasangan buat masa ini. Masanya akan tiba bila awak betul-betul memerlukan. Fikir balik. Perkara ini memang berlaku dalam kehidupan semua orang. Begitu juga dengan diri saya. Sepanjang 35 tahun hidup saya, adalah berkawan dengan beberapa orang tapi tak kesampaian, ada yang dia putuskan dan ada yang saya putuskan, memang itu bukan jodoh saya. Bila saya merasakan saya dah terlalu independent, saya rasakan saya tidak memerlukan lelaki dalam hidup saya, sebab semua dapat saya lakukan sendiri. Sebenarnya pada masa itu saya tidak memerlukan lelaki dalam hidup saya ni. Tapi bila seorang member lama datang nak pinang saya baru-baru ni, setelah beristhiharah, saya dapat rasakan ini lah jodoh saya. Mungkin sudah tiba masanya saya memerlukan seorang lelaki dalam hidup saya, dan Insya Allah dapat melahirkan anak-anak untuk menjaga saya di hari tua nanti. So, conclusion nye, jodoh awak akan datang bila awak betul-betul memerlukannya. Teruskan kehidupan seperti biasa. Jangan persoalkan kenapa awak tidak bertemu jodoh lagi kerana awak tidak memerlukannya. Bersabarlah. Masanya akan tiba nanti. Salam.

Anonymous said...

Bang, betul bang, Cik Sri Siantan ni cakap memang betul.. abang belum perlu lagi teman sebab tu abang belum dapat lagi. Tapi jangan compare dengan saya, saya dapat jodoh awal. Mungkin sebab Tuhan kata saya dah kena ada partner kot?
Sabar je la bang, nanti ada la datang partner hidup abang tu... sure kaw-kaw punya nanti :)
Dan jangan lupa....Hidup Cik Sri Siantan!