Friday, March 13, 2009

Makan2 @ AhKow Stall, near KL Hospital

Bored from the famous Jalan Tun Razak crazy jam, I decided to drop by for a lunch with a friend.. who is nearby Hospital KL.. so we went to Ah Kow Stall at the Food Court near KL Hospital for their great food.. where is the place? Situated next to the Hospital hostel and a big football field, one has to make a left turn at the junction before the field.. What is there to offer? A lot! From Curry Mee and Mee Kicap to Noodle Soup and more.. plus the famous Chicken RIce they served here.. with the sesame chicken they have.. makes the place one of its kind for the customers.. so what did we order?I ordered Mee Kicap, complete with the Fishball Soup, while my friend a portion of Sesame Chicken Rice, added with nice Mat Kuching drinks which is quite famous here, simply marvelous..We wallap like crazy.. and in less than 5 minutes, all the food was gone.. and I really would start moving back to the office quickly.. Try the food here.. Simply yummy!

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