Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Rainy Day and the Childhood Memories

It's been raining non-stop on Saturday Eve.. and so does Sunday eve.. It was pretty much a cooling weekend to spend the lazy time at home. It suddenly reminds me of Sudirman's song.. "Hujan Yang Turun.. Bagaikan Mutiara..".. For me, rain is like a blessing from god.. every single god's creation will be up and alive when it rains.. I like it when it starts raining.. the gloomy day and a refreshing cool air surround the atmosphere.. this is when you can hear a very refreshing sound of the rain hitting the ground.. you can feel the cool ambiance in the air.. and you can play around with the rain drops.. better still get wet in the rain.. and have a really good time.. and the unique smell after the rain.. so energizing and inspirational..
I still remember when I was a kid, in a small town of Ganu where monsoon season will hit the area starting from October till February.. and this is the time where it rains almost every time of the day, almost everyday.. For kids like us, during that time, this is the moment we have been looking for.. this is just perfect for the kids to play around with water. For us, flood and rainy days were just another water festival of the year.. something that needs to be celebrated.. what more with the school holidays and all.. this is when I and my brothers play in the flood and bath in the rain.. right after sending my mom to the gate with our wooden boat, for her to get to the main road to go to work.. and when it rained, there will be leaking here and there from the ceiling, and the kids started to get the basin to hold the water from flooding the house.. and how I like to sit on the stairs, staring at the rain for hours.. and how the siblings took a shower under the pipe outside the house when it started raining.. Goshh! all the memories were so refreshing..
What sadden me the most now is, I always heard people complaining about rain, how it makes one's life miserable, how it brings difficulties to people, how havoc the traffic jam will be when it started raining.. all sorts of complaints.. and it's so sad to hear all these, what if there’s no rain like in Africa, what if God took back the gift of rain to the humans.. and what's the implication of the dry season that we had a few years ago? The dams’ water level decrease tremendously, the grass turned yellow and the trees weren't at their best.. and the heat from the hot sun.. crazy!
I know I'm mumbling now while it's still raining outside.. and I'm still in the gloomy mood to enjoy the cold refreshing air of the rainy day at my balcony.. Life is good! Thanking God for the gift of rain still.. Alhamdulillah!

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