Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Loneliness.. and Heart Broken

I chatted with a friend who burst all the feelings tonite, it's all about loneliness and heartbroken, and frustration.. and being alone all this while, this one friend told me that tears came out during the last 2 prayers, and being so lonely, nothing can describe the pain and hurts of being alone.. I'm concerned.. and I do hope that the pain and the sorrow can go away soon..
I bet mostly all of us went thru all these.. it's just how a person stand up to overcome the misery.. and stand tall with pride.. I too must admit that I went thru it before.. and I know it is not easy to overcome it.. to fight with it.. and to keep myself positive to overcome those loneliness, heartbreaks and frustration.. and I won in this game..
So, what made a person lonely? People in general don’t like to be lonely. In our modern society “lonely” is a word that carries the connotation of something being wrong. If a person is lonely, we may tend to think something needs to be done to fix the situation. A thesaurus might list as synonyms for lonely such words as “outcast”, “friendless”, “forsaken”, “forlorn” and other words implying an individual is somehow a pariah and is sad because of being alone. But other definitions of the word “lonely” simply mean alone or solitary. So, is it always bad to be lonely? In psychological sense, maybe everyone needs some aloneness, perhaps even some loneliness. (http://www.suite101.com)
It's how a person treats it and try to overcome it.. For whatever reason it is, it's good to keep oneself stress free, happy and enjoy life to the max.. and I do hope I could do that too.. Insyallah!

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