Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Quick Bite & The Tahlil Arwah

After settling the funeral, me, my uncles and cousins were sooo hungry and decided to stop at the famous Port Klang place for makan2 in front of the bus station, and managed to grab a quick lunch there.. famous for its Mee Jawa and Nasi Ayam, we quickly had our lunch, and later hafta get home to prepare for the tahlil tonite.. At this point, I was so exhausted from only 2 hours of sleep last nite, and still not taking shower since yesterday.. but that's ok! So, after helping out a bit with the preparation for Tahlil Arwah at nite, I went home for a while to take a quick shower and later came back for the this point, I really felt that Port Klang and Sri Petaling was sooooo far.. it took me forever to reach home.. hehe! The first nite of Tahlil Arwah was held after Isyak.. and I'm glad that lots of people came to the tahlil for the arwah.. A tahlil is a ceremony where everyone is gathered to read Yasin and present the doa for the arwah to rest in peace and always be within God's blessing and love.. The uncles and cousins were all still present at the tahlil, and later shoot home back to Perak and Penang soon after everything was settled. Everyone's exhausted, but what made me happy is everything went well, and the cooperation from everyone contributes a lot to ensure the event was smooth flowing, Alhamdulillah..


emm emm said...

Errrmm.. Tahlil Jumaat malam nyer.... takder "follow-up" news ke? ;)

NIKO75 said...

more updates soon..