Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Color Am I?

There are so many quizzes in FB.. so out of fun, I took another quiz to find out what color suits me the best.. and guess what.. I'm GREEN, which really represents me the best.. So, let's see the outcome of green personality..
  • Greens are balanced, harmonious, and peaceful personalities.
  • They need harmony in their life and prefer to live in a natural environment.
  • They are the most balanced people in the color spectrum.
  • They also have a powerful connection with nature.
  • Living in the country, next to a forest or park or close to a lake or ocean is important for these friendly and heartfelt personalities.
  • Greens are open, extroverted, expressive, friendly, communicative and heartfelt.
  • Greens perceive life through their heart. Their primary motivations are contentment and harmony. They judge their successes by how close they are to their friends or nature.
  • Greens are content personalities. If they are in power and have found their place they need very little to be happy or feel needed.
  • Their inner happiness and satisfaction is important to them and is fulfilled without much expectation.
Wahhhhhh, almost all of those facts are quite true.. heheheh! So what more can I say? I love greenery and nature, I turned my balcony into a leafy green balcony, my blog is practically green all over the place.. and some called me an Incredible Hulk or Shrek.. which both are also green.. heheheh! Hurmmmm... Does it count? Shall I turn myself to Shrek from now on? Hahahahahah...

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