Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beware Of Snatch Thief

Just a few days ago, I saw a big huge banner right in front of my apartment's main entrance with the warning "BEWARE!!! SNATCH THIEF".. which alarmed me on how bad the place turned to be now.. The surroundings used to be a peaceful and safe place to stay, until recently, so many international students occupied the place and this has changed the environment of the place.. The families started to move out, the students population's getting more and more, and the peace and quiet place it used to be before, turned into a busy and hectic place.. and the snatch thief warnings not only happened outside the gates of the apartment, but also inside the compounds.. How sad!
May be this is a sign for me to move out, find a better place for me to stay.. and rent my unit off.. ain't it a good idea?


Ameries said...

I live at taman midah, i saw the banner was hanging on the main road of the taman, but was taken down later,, by who i not sure..

pls take caution, thieves strike in groups and smash car window to snatch. my housing area there, many people kena..

NIKO75 said...

that's true ameries.. so many cases nowadays.. what more with the economic situation.. really dangerous laa..