Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movie: City Of Ember and DragonBall Evolution

I've been not in the moood to watch movies lately, as there's nothing much on the theatre lately.. and when I finally got back my mood after a while.. I ended up watching 2 movies over the last few days..
City Of EmberSynopsis:
For generations, the people of the City of Ember have flourished in an amazing world of glittering lights--underground. Built as a refuge for humanity and powered by a massive generator, this City will only sustain for 200 years. Now Ember is falling into darkness as the generator fails. Despite growing concern for the future of their beloved City, Ember's students find themselves confronting the next step in their lives. A rite of passage for all graduates, it is Assignment Day, the day on which the Mayor himself will stand before the graduating students as they choose, by lottery, how they will spend their lives working for their society. Lina, praying with all her might to be a messenger, is devastated to be assigned to the Pipeworks, the vast network of pipes underneath the City. Her classmate, Doon Harrow, who wants more than nothing else to work in the Generator, panics when he pulls the messenger assignment. Doon offers to swap assignments with Lina. She is thrilled and grateful and eagerly changes jobs. Thus, an unlikely friendship is born. Lina finds herself zipping all over Ember, delivering important missives to even more important people, including the mayor himself. At home she cares for her aging and forgetful grandmother, and her baby sister Poppy. When an old metal box is discovered in their closet, Lina's grandmother is overjoyed. Completely sure that the contents of the box are of the utmost importance, she is completely bereft of any memory as to why. Lina manages to jimmy the lock open, and discovers some cryptic papers inside. Unable to piece the papers together, but sure that they are important, Lina resolves to decipher their meaning and enlists Doon's help. As blackouts in the City become more frequent, Lina and Doon realize that the information inside that box could lead to the salvation of their City and their fellow citizens. Now racing against the clock, the two follow the clues, cleverly maneuvering around corrupt politicians and unsavory characters hoping to keep them from their goal: restoring the light in the City of Ember. ( *** The overall movie was not that bad.. but a bit too children adventure kinda story to me.. One thing I don't understand is why the butterfly turned big when it reached the underground and back to normal when it when up the the ground.. heheh! It's a fantasy movie anyway.. what do I expect kannn?

DragonBall EvolutionSynopsis:
Goku and a handful of friends battle for the Earth against the deadly forces of the Saiyans, who are sweeping across the universe, leaving a path of destruction. Goku and his friends' best chance for survival rests with the Namekian DragonBalls, which provide them the power to summon a mighty dragon. (***** One heck of a movie! Simply C.O.O.L! It was such a brilliant representation of the comic book, and I can't wait for the sequel soon.. Too bad the movie is too short at about 1.5 hours.. and I wish they could have stretched the movie time even longer.. heheh! Totally recommended..

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