Monday, March 9, 2009

Berkelah @ Sg Bil, Tanjung Malim

Today is Maulidul Rasul Day and it is a holiday today.. and since almost all of the big family, uncles and aunties, cousins and nieces and nephews were down in KL for the wedding.. my aunt and uncle initiated a mini family gathering.. where we went to Tanjung Malim for a big lunch at my uncle's house and later picnic at Sungai Bil. My uncle's house is built next to the waterfall, and what's so lovely about it is the moment we opened the kitchen door, the whole scenery of the waterfall appears..
What's more satisfying was the whole family gathered for the lunch date and mandi2 affair.. Hours passed by, and it's time for all of us to depart, with the Penang group made their way back home up north.. it felt good to spend time with the big family and that made me satisfied with the whole break spending quality times filled with lots of activities.. I'm so tired!More photos will be posted as I lost my cable and can't transfer my photos to my lappy...

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