Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dinner @ Capri Cafe Bangsar

It was 8pm.. and it's still raining outside.. I was on my way to Bangsar after the gym when my initial plan to go to the Pasar Malam Bangsar needs to be cancelled due to the continuous rain.. out of hunger, I stopped at Capri Cafe, just a small cafe situated near Pizza Hut of Bangsar shoplots to get my dinner.. A friend joined later.. and we had a refreshing dinner under the canvas roof while it's still raining.. What's for dinner? We had a succulent Cantonese Beef KueyTeow and Fried Glass Noodles, freshly cooked from the kitchen.. the hot dishes and the cold weather.. what a perfect combination.. heheh!Served with a glass of beer.. hahaahh! Kidding.. it's just a glass of cold green tea served in the beer mug.. simply thirst-quenching.. we chatted over dinner and soon after that, headed home while it's raining still outside..

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