Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jalan2 @ Genting Highlands

Nothing to do on Sunday.. and when a friend suggested to go to Genting Highlands for fun, I immediately agreed.. Nothing much new since the last time I went there.. except for the weather is colder, especially at nite.. sooooo freezing! Even the park also wasn't that full.. Probably it's already the end of school holidays.. and that explained why the place was quite empty.. We went thru shops by shops.. and finally after we all lepak2 at Starbucks, my friend went shopping for a t-shirt @ FOS First World.. like there none in KL.. hahahhaah!
What attracts me was the toilet.. so colorful with Chinese characters of advertisment, which I have no idea what it means.. Anyone care to explain what those are? AhLong or ceti, the money lender I assume?Spent a few hours up the hill and went down by 7.30pm.. Crazy route uphill.. but better one downhill.. reached KL safely by 8.30pm..

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