Monday, March 2, 2009

The Brand New Honda City @ Midvalley

The new Honda City is in town.. and it has been a talk of the town since its launching a few weeks ago.. and there in the middle of Centre Court is a showcase of the new City.. Personally, this latest design is so much better than the previous models, the sleek design, the color scheme are quite nice.. with a compact Vtec engine.. the comfortable interior.. just the back seats are quite small in comparison to my Blackie.. but still ok! Pricewise, it's still affordable, targetted at the middle income working class, starting from 82k ++.. But what attracts me most is the lady model of the car, who is very gorgeous.. somewhat similar to the Japanese Cartoon character.. Soooo pretty! hehehe... Drop by the booth in MV if you happen to be there soon..

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