Monday, March 30, 2009

Crazy Expensive Parking

I had a meeting this morning at the CP Tower of Jalan Damansara, next to Eastin Hotel.. and it was practically the whole day kinda meeting.. got a few surprises right from the beginning of the day.. First, less than half an hour drive there with the road not so jam.. that's a pleasant surprise.. then the meeting.. which I'm not allowed to tell.. and the biggest surprise at the end of the day was the parking ticket.. guess how much? A freaking RM25... crazyyyyyy!
I really have no idea how they can charge that expensive there.. but it explained why I can see so many cars parking at the side of the road there.. A guy who queued at the back was also surprised to see the amount that me and my friend hafta pay and implied that someone who robbed the machine may be rich by now! Well.. I think so.. hahahahah!

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