Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome to the blogging world

Funny! I asked my friend whether she owned a blog as I found her site while checking out the net.. and the reply I got from her.. "I don't know I had one!"
My goodness.. she was completely forgotten about the blog that she created years ago.. and I am the one who reminded her of the existence of her blog.. Hahahah! the even funnier thing is she even asked me about the URL of her blog.. Aiyooo!!Anyway.. Just welcoming emmamanaf to the blogging world.. Just hope that she never forgets to update her blog frequently after this.. heheh!You can check her blog HERE.
Especially for her, again... Welcome!!

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emm emm said...

ha ha very funny niko :D thanks for the welcome, though.. i actually had another blog site, and that was also a used-to update ! i have to seriously rethink and do. come over and visit my other house - the link's on my page. Cheers !!