Saturday, March 29, 2008

Penang trip and Makan2 exploration

I'm in Penang now. I came here by bus last nite and arrived here at 6am.. very early in the morning. This is the Makan2 mission.. to explore more Makan places in Penang and lepak2 with my cousins. What's Penang if not for Nasi Kandar.. the specialty in Penang.. so check out the updates on my makan trip?
Lunch - Kassim Mustafa Restaurant
The specialty is the rice here is something like nasi minyak.. not the normal plain white rice elsewhere..
The best thing about this restaurant is the telur sotong (squid eggs).. it's their specialty.. only in mamak in Penang.. you can't find it anywhere else..Location? In Seberang Jaya, the shop lots in front of Billion Supermarket..

Dinner - Restoran Ikan Bawal Goreng
Very simple! Very nice! Superb taste! This simple concept of plain rice with Bawal Goreng is well known in Penang.. but not in KL I guess.. Location? In Bandar Perda, the food stall right in front of Petronas Gas Station within Bandar Perda. Fried Ikan Bawal (Pompret fish) with soy sauce.. Fried Chicken.. with soy sauce.. Sambal Belacan..Curry gravy!
That's my first day of my Makan exploration.. one thing for sure is my diet planning is wasted, but with this good food.. there's nothing to regret off.. Checkout my 2nd day of the Makan exploration..

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