Sunday, March 23, 2008

F1 Concert @ Bukit Bintang

It's now really havoc in KL with F1 race and the beautiful KL city is transformed into a city full of many activities, parties and celebrations. I happened to be in Bukit Bintang area just now and was made known that there will be a big concert organized by ING in conjuction of F1 weekend.. in front of Maybank. The road is cramped with cars, and there are so many people around.. walking around the area.. and at 8pm sharp.. the concert starts..
Lots and alots of the popular singers joined the crowd for this concert.. locals.. and also international!Ning started the heat with her many numbers of new and old songs.. she is an absolutely marvelous singer with a very unique and beautiful voice.. She sang her heart out, interacts with the audience well, she nailed down each and every song she sang and the most important thing is she enjoyed the moments with the crowd.. Cool entertainer I can say..
Ferhad is up next.. singing his very own songs.. ..he sang so beautifully perfect with his small high pitch voice that I guess pretty much entertained the crowds. He is quite a good entertainer also I can say as he interacts well with the audinece.. and his number of songs sang are very entertaining..
Next.. their artist of the night, All-4-One is up for their show.. The crowds were screaming histerically as they came out.. and as they started singing.. They are a big name in the industry.. but has long been forgotten I guess.. heheh! But one thing for sure, I still can connect to them as I grew up with their songs.. the ever famous ones like I Swear, Won't Let Your Heart Break and a few other familiar songs.. They have been long forgotten in USA i guess, so their strategy is to promote thier songs in Asia, which turned out to be a success.. People here still can accept these kind of songs.. Enjoyed most of the songs anyway.. and decided to go back after that as I can't stand up in the crowd any longer.. The smell of sweat and the heat made me dizzy already.. A few other artists like Reshmonu and others were scheduled to perform too, but I don't wanna wait some more and made a quiet exit as soon as possible..
p/s: I will add more movie clips of the performance as soon as I transform the files that I got into the viewable clips..

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