Friday, March 14, 2008

Disturbed Mind

I took a half day break today. There are so many things that bothers my mind now.. work, personal, and most of all financial matters.. I know this must be the most personal thingy that I must keep it to myself and not to disclose it in the blog.. but I guess this is one of my way to ease up my disturbed mind.. so be it.. Sometimes I thought I can be strong and settle it bit by bit, but this time I overlooked at some of things that matters most, which ended up to be big in the end... and this is when the things I overlooked exploded.. and I must clean the shit I did before the soonest possible.
I went to the bank to settle the necessaries, and later went to Alamanda Putrajaya to ease up a bit.. and just overwhelmed by the architecture of the building.. There are lots of people walking around.. mostly looking either bored or exhausted from the work today. I wonder what are in their minds, and I bet almost half of them have the same problems as mine too.. some maybe even worse.. Looking at those,I try to think positive and do whatever it takes to settle the problems that I'm having now.. Just hope that god give me the way to ease up the burden in my mind now.. I'm so glad it's already weekend so it gives me more time to strategize what I'm gonna do next.. Welcoming this weekend with open heart.. Have a good weekend guys!

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