Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dinner @ Iranian Restaurant

Since it was quite late already for dinner time.. plus the traffic jam and we are very tired already, we decided to go to the nearby Iranian Restaurant for dinner. The place is quite nice, but some of the food were already sold out.. and somehow all these Iranian people in the place are either blur or don't understand what we are talking about.. so we just ordered whatever left that we can order, ..the big portion of pillai rice with Chicken and Lamb Tikka.. RM20/ plate, a big plate of Chicken Biryani, the vegetable pickles and the soup.. RM13/ plate We just ate quietly the moment the dishes is served as we were all sooooo hungry..
Amazingly, all the dishes are very2 good, superb taste with big portion.. and we chatted thru dinner to catch up what's left all these while.. The place is situtaed in front of 7-11 along The Mall road.. a small place called Muhajer Restaurant.. Go on and try..


Fara said...

where exacly dis reataurant?

NIKO75 said...

hi fara.. it's in Cyberjaya.. the new area called 'Domain'..