Friday, March 21, 2008

The Parent's Visit and Laksa Johor

Busy! Busy! Busy! My parent is in town since yesterday.. and they decided to stay at my house instead of my brother's house normally. So it's been my duty now to bring them around. They are not quite familiar with the ways around KL yet.. and never will I guess.. heheh! My mom has to settle her work related matters in Damansara, while my dad just followed us wherever we go. From Damasara to Midvalley, as my mom is up for shopping.. and later to PJ, my aunt's house.. stayed till nite.. busy day eh?Nooooo... it's not that I'm complaining and stuff.. instead, just expressing how occupied i am today entertaining them from a place to another since morning till nite.. Also, somehow I managed to cook Laksa Johor (fish curry noodles) for them, as I've been promising them for so many times to cook for them, but never had a chance to do that.. Laksa Johor were made my style.. with spagetti, the fish gravy, chilly with belacan and the ulam2an (raw vege cut into small pieces).. which I absolutely love.. and I hope they love it too.. How do I get the cooking skills? Well.. my mom is a very good cook.. and since we were kids, my mom already taught us, the 3 brothers, with the cooking skills and all, so we won't be depending on the wife too much when we got married later.. At the early age of 7, we were all exposed to the kitchen stuff already.. including how to prepare food and stuff.. so it's not something weird for guys to know how to cook.. Anyway, most chefs in the world are male, right...hehehe! Mom and Dad seems so pleased with the Laksa Johor I prepared.. and I'm happy.. Well, that's the least I can do for them..

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