Saturday, March 1, 2008

Orchids For Mum

It was a few weeks ago that I went to this Week Market just to discover that there are a stall that offered weird kinds of orchids. I always wanna buy something for my mom and i know orchids will definitely make her happy. So let's see what's in store and which one I chose for my mom.
Weird looking orchid lining up waiting to be taken away. Lots more of the orchids selection is sold in this premise, making it quite hard for me to choose.

Anyway, this is the final one I got for my mom.. ... a very nice expensive looking orchid that I know she still didn't have it in her orchid collection. And true enough, the overewhelming smile in her face proved everything.. I'm happy that she's happy!
And now I'm thinking about going to Sungai Buloh to get more plants! Heheh!

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