Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lunch @ Tupai2 Restaurant

Ever been to Tupai2 restaurant nearby Dewan Bahasa new building? I beleive some of you alreday did, but to those who still have not tried the dishes in Tupai2 Rsetaurant, then I suggest you better go and have a good lunch or dinner there.. Basically the place is set up in a jungle like ambience, where you can find lots of trees with a cooling environment of the village home setup. Somehow the ambience is rather relaxing around the rstaurant.. The wood based hut is set for the 'duduk bersila' kind of lunch, the Malay style.
What more with the water features.. and the gorgeous looking peacock in the surrounding.. This restaurant serves good lunch spread during the weekdays and order-based cooking during the weekend. What did we order? Let's check it out! Chilli Oyster Squids.. RM15/ medium portion Spicy Bamboo Lala.. RM12/ small portion Baby Kailan Vegetables with Salted Fish .. RM10/ small portionMixed Tomyam.. RM18/ medium portion Chicken Egg Foo Yong.. RM10/ medium portionAll the food served was really2 good. Somehow the combination of the food we had was just right.. so we just wallap la without waiting any longer..Check out for more animals around the premises.. Time to send Barbara back to PWTC for her booth duty!

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