Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jalan2 @ Election Day

I won't be able to go for the election today since I haven't gone back to my hometown. So instead of staying put, I'm checking out what's going on with the election day today. The guy in vest with political logo.They even put the flag on top of the hill.The mixture of flags of the political parties involved.Lots and lots of people campaigning out for the elected parties today.. with so many ways of showing their support towards their party.The election post People going out for to fulfill their responsibilities during the day.Flags, flags, flags..Even the signboard is overwhelmed by the posters.And cars too.. and luxury cars too..The guy on a motorcycle with a bag pack. ..and this old man with a flag on a bicycle..Anyway, the results is quite shocking for the leading party governing the country as they lost quite a few states to the opposition parties. But for the citizen of Malaysia, this is what expected of the election results, so not so shocking for the rest of the people on the streets. The citizen have spoken.. So, no more daydreaming for these leaders. Just wait and see what's gonna happen..

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