Friday, March 21, 2008

Movie => The Water Horse

It's movie time again.. and it's not limited to Wednesday only now! Heheh! This time it's the movie I've wanted to see since early this year, simply because of the monster stuff.. heheh! So many people were here, all set for the movie dates, and where were we placed for this movie? At the 2nd front row from the screen.. Oh my god! I'm sure I will have a neckache (do we have this word? Heheh!) the moment I finished watching this movie.. Anyway.. let's check it out..Synopsis:
Angus MacMorrow (Alex Etel) is a young Scottish lad who finds a mysterious egg on the shore of a loch with his sister Kirstie. When the egg hatches, an unusual creature is freed who gets so big, the only place it can live is under the water. *** Nice movie to watch indeed.. good combination of the children fantasy.. and adults views and perspective of the movie..The CGI technique is rather amazing and i'm impressed with the way they put the story line complete with the excitement and suspense..

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