Sunday, March 2, 2008

Election preparation

The election day for Malaysians is just around the corner.. 8th March 2008! and this is the time for all the political parties, be it the current government or the oppositions crazily lobbying for their party to win. Well, in all these craze, what interests me more is the various ways of making themlselves more visible to the publics. Flags placed at many strategic locations in different sizes, and at the most strategic places to ensure more visibility to the public. Just crazy!As I mentioned before, I'm not interested in politics that much, but I hope those who got elected do their best, and the those who win the election can fulfill their responsibilities at their best. Don't forget t make your choice now.. and vote for the people who can work at their best to serve the citizens. Be a responsible person, post your votes during the election time... Good luck all!

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