Saturday, March 15, 2008

Karaoke @ Redbox Plus Pavillion

Whenever you are in stress, there are so many things that you do to ease your mind. As for me, karaoke is the answer.. The thought of hearing good song and sing along to the song, no matter whether you have the voice or not.. really excites me!I must admit that I have no voice to die for, but for me to be able to throw out my not-so-nice-to-hear voice, it's something that ease up the tensed and the stress.. I actually went to Redbox Plus @ Pavillion to try out what they offered there. What I can say from the first impression.. WOW!!! Everything is just so perfectly decorated, it looks like a mini pub already.. heheheh! The room is even more exclusive, with a very nice red and black color combination. They have the wireless mic, the sound system is even better than any places i've even been, and the ambience is just so marvelously decorated.. it feels really good to sing my heart out.. hahaah!
We are stationed at Red-Hot zone, where the decorations are in red,and there are also Cool-Blue Zone.. a pleasure to the eyes.. and many other themes of the place.We were charged only at RM15 per person for the drinks, or a minimum of a glass purchase for the entry.. and we ended up spending 4.5 hours singing..until we gave up.. worth it eh? I'm quite releived a bit.. but then.. who doesn't?


Beruang Madu said...

Heiii bestnya... baru jugak minggu ni pegi sini tapi siang lah...murah sikit, makanan pun sedap..

NIKO75 said...

Memang best laa! mmg pegi siang,during happy hour, thats the reason why I hafta pay only for the drinks.. or else you hafta pay quite some amount of money..