Saturday, March 15, 2008

Income Tax..

Have you fulfilled your responsibilities as a taxpayer? I did.. just today.. early in the morning... heheh! I woke up rather early this morning and just remembered that I still have not fill in the tax form yet. So, I just login the online form by LHDN @ IRB (Inland Revenue Board) and start filling the necessary information needed. The online form is available to provide taxpayers with a more convenient and secure means of declaring taxes, called e-Filing, a method of declaring taxes via the Internet. With the advent of e-Filing, tax payers have an easier means of declaring their taxes at their own convenience. The most important thing is I need to have a digital certificate in order for me to do the online transactions, and I have one, from a few years back.It took me just a few minutes to fill in the form as some of the preprequisite information are already in the form. Just fill in the additional information.. and wallaaaa.. I'm done! Now I just need to digitally sign my form to proceed with the online application. To those who have no idea what digital certificate is, it guarantees the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality as well as non-repudiation of all digital documents and files transacted online. LHDN also ensures communication is done securely with their customers by securing their URL, so you will see the URL shall start with https:// instead of http. This is especially if the site require the customers to submit confidential information online. It also helps to protect the customers against falling victim to impostor web sites as it provides proper mean to verify the site's legitimate owner, and LHDN have those security features already...Within 10 minutes, I'm finished with the tax matters.. and I still nee dto pay RM500 something to LHDN.. Aiyyoooo... banyaknyaaaa! LHDN people.. can you guys just waive those amount, please?? Hahahah!
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