Sunday, March 16, 2008

Matta Fair & Long Time University Friend

It's Matta Fair time from Friday till Sunday at the Grand Hall of PWTC, and this is the time for those travel freaks to gather and get the air tickets or travel packages at the best price you can ever get from the travel agencies around.. The offer is rather amazing, like a package to Phuket for only RM300 with flights and hotels.. cheap eh?Anyway.. I'm not here to buy tickets or the cheap packages, but to meet the old timer university mate from a decade ago.. Barbara flew all the way from Sarawak to join Matta Fair.. She's a mother of two, but still looks young, plus the hoo-haa personality adds to the teenage looks she's carrying.. hah Barb.. bangga la tuuu.. hahah! We planned to go for a quick dinner after she finished her duty at the booth. There's so many people around.. and as we walk around the area, my friend is quite interested with the offer from Maxis for their broadband. Just pay RM100 and you will get the device immediately. Quite an attractive package, and my friend immediately sign up for the package. We decided to get out as the incident happened, someone burst out thru the glass in a crowd full of people.. I don't know whether it is done unintentionally or otherwise, but I guess the glass wall is soo big that it's quite impossible for anyone not to see it. Some peopleee!Anyway.. we went to visit her very nice room at Seri Pacific Hotel next to PWTC and later move on to find any nearby restaurants for a late dinner.

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